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About Us

Welcome to the NOC gaming team. 



No Ordinary Clan is an online community of dedicated gamers. Feel free to register on our website and join our growing gaming community.  We have members from around the globe.

One of our many goals is to bring gaming to the next level. We want to create an exciting and friendly place for all gamers to have fun and make new friends. 

We play Americas Army, Call Of Duty series, Modern Warfare series and Battlefield series games and we strive to the best in each one. Our team is dedicated on working together and competing to the best of our abilities.

This is our new official home so Join up for gaming news and events.  We are taking applications for recruitment for mature players 18 and up or younger if approved by an admin.


NOC Admins are:

=NOC=Big_Papa^, =NOC=LuckyLuciano, =NOC=BWSNinja^, =NOC=TBAG-[SHAKE]^, =NOC=incREDible^, =NOC=Bullet

Game on!